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9 Tips To Learn How to be an eBay Seller

People run their business from the Internet, search for love, research succulent recipes, plan vacations, and best of all – they SHOP! People that shop are always looking for a bargain, not just any bargain, but something spectacular.

The most popular public auction site, eBay, is where people gather to find anything from dishes to jewelry to houses and just about everything in between. Last year there was even a mother sold on eBay!

You can purchase amazing original artwork from China, have it signed by the artist, and shipped directly to your home. Perhaps you are trying to find 12 yards of Toile to reupholster your couch. You might even be looking for a new lawnmower or different power tools. The great news is that eBay has it all!

The other side of buying is the selling. Anyone can sell anything on eBay. Open an account, list your product, and wait for the bids to start coming in. There are secrets to being a power seller on eBay. While it is true that anyone can sell, to be successful, you need to know the inside secrets. One woman made over $250,000 last year on items sold on eBay. She is just one out of thousands and thousands of people that make a ton of money just selling merchandise.

Are you ready to learn how to be an eBay seller? You will find it to be easy, fun, and exciting.

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1. Some eBay sellers create a business relationship with suppliers. As you find reliable suppliers, you can be assured of the quality and bargain of the merchandise. If you are not sure where to find suppliers, where there are thousands of wholesale products, with the majority coming from reliable suppliers.

2. If you have a favorite hobby, such as creating custom wreaths or swags, making homemade soaps or lotions, sewing stuffed animals, whatever it might be, put it to work for you. Turn your hobby into a business using eBay. People do it all the time and make good money.
3. Just like working a job that you love, if you plan to get serious about selling on eBay, focus on things you know about and provide interest. In turn, this will allow you to “sell” the product with knowledge and passion.

4. Regardless of whom the buyer, work with integrity and run your auctions accordingly. More than likely, you will run into some difficult buyers, although not often. Keep in mind that every buyer provides the best form of advertisement - word of mouth. Integrity is what will draw customers in andKeep them coming back along with friends and family.

5. Auction Insights is a great service that you should look at before you list your auction. Auction Insights is a search engine that will go out and review all of the larger online auction sites, looking for your item(s) specified. In return, you will get a list of prices this same item is selling for on the other auction sites.

6. If you have a website where you have many items or even services that would not sell on eBay, consider promoting your eBay auctions through your personal website. This will help increase the traffic to your site and build up the sales at eBay.

7. Auction items that focus on youth such as games, collectibles, clothing, body jewelry, etc. should end during the week or on a Sunday night. .Ending them on Friday or Saturday nights is not a good choice since they are generally not home on these nights and therefore, the bidding is not as good.

8. Although you may have tremendous knowledge of something you are selling, not everyone will. Avoid language that is too techie and stay away from acronyms. Keep the language simple and easy to read.

9. The appearance of your auction is important. Auctions that are designed with loud colors or hard to read fonts can push buyers away. Use colors and fonts that are easy on the eye. Remember that not everyone will have perfect 20/20 vision so you want to make sure the fonts can be read by all buyers. It would be the same for graphics – a few added to the auction is fine but too much is a distraction. You want your auction to interest buyers not lose them in all the fluff.">">
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